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Level Up Your Home Improvement with Mendyl

Affordable Repair Kits for your Home

Mendyl’s unique product range includes *Contractor Special* Mendyl Vinyl and Stucco Siding Repair Kit (10 Pack), Official Mendyl Vinyl Siding Repair Kit, and Level Up By Mendyl. Vinyl and Stucco - the two magic ingredients - are responsible for the successful restoration of compromised surfaces. What makes it so unique is the process by which the renovation comes to its completion. The main Mendyl product consists of a very thin piece that at first glance seems like it is not durable, but it is designed to be like this to serve its unique purpose of leaving a minimalistic finish. The single working mechanism of Mendyl products includes the application of pressure to the piece of vinyl against the damaged surface, allowing a woodgrain finish that would bleed through. The purpose of all these products is to fix your vinyl and stucco siding surfaces and exteriors in a matter of minutes, leaving the grace and neatness of your house uncompromised.

The Level Up photo hanging kit is revolutionary in fixing the problem of crooked photos and marks on the wall by a simple strategy. A built-in bubble level allows you to paste the command strips onto the wall in a matter of a few minutes and create perfect hanging guides for your precious photographs.

Why Choose Us? Easy to use, cost-effective, and time-efficient - these three make Mendyl’s products invincible in the market. While companies are trying to sell overpriced products to people and hassle them with additional expertise requirements to repair a simple hole in siding, or to hang a picture straight and level, Mendyl is entrusting the household with the responsibility of fixing all the damage done. No need to run after repairing units and no need to spend so much on contractors and handymen. Got a crack to fix? Simply buy our products online, get the supplies delivered to your home, and follow our video or written instructions to fix all sorts of surface damages yourself. With Mendyl products, you can become your own handyman fixing cracks, holes, and stains in your vinyl and stucco siding with such perfection!

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