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The Only Do-it-Yourself 
Vinyl Siding Repair Kit

MENDYL Vinyl Siding Repair Kit is the only do-it-yourself vinyl siding repair kit on the market today!

We bring simplicity back to home improvement with one simple patch!


With each purchase of our main packet comes 2 Mendyl Vinyl Repair patches - dimensions: 6 1/2 by 4 3/4 inches.

MENDYL is made of a very thin piece of PVC; the reason it is so thin is so that when it is placed over your existing siding, the texture and wood grain from your siding will show through on the patch to help seamlessly blend in to your siding. For this application, thicker is not better.


Don’t let Mendyl's thickness fool you - it is extremely durable!


Mendyl is
extremely durable


works perfectly at various temperatures

MENDYL works perfectly in temperatures ranging from the extreme cold, -40 degrees Fahrenheit, to the complete opposite side of the spectrum, 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

MENDYL comes in a standard white which makes painting to your desired color a breeze.

You can cut Mendyl to fit your specific needs with simple scissors; no special tools are needed.


Mendyl can also be used on your Fascia, your soffitt and customers write to us and tell us that they have successfully used it on their vinyl fencing as well as the skirting of their mobile homes.


Mendyl fit your specific needs

Mendyl will stick to any surface

The patches will stick to virtually any surface.


So, why pay a contractor hundreds of dollars when you can repair cracked, chipped, or holes in your vinyl siding yourself?

We also offer a contractor package that includes 10 individual patches.


contractor package

Vinyl Siding Tutorial


DOWNLOAD detailed instructions:

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